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Mental Health Impact: 1 Year Into Pandemic

The fresh start of the new year brought promising overall improvement in several mental health capacities. However, as February’s Mental Health Index reveals, it would be a ...
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Power of Self-Care: The Science Behind Digital Tools for Addiction Recovery

By all measures, substance use is up among U.S. workers. Elevated stress and anxiety have led to increased drinking and drug use, including on the job. At the same time, ...
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5 Lessons in Stress: The More You Know, The More You Can Master

Got stress? From a tight work deadline, to trying to balance running a Zoom call while helping a child with online classes, to the loss of a loved one, human beings are no ...
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Quelling a Craving: How Digital Self-Care Tools Provide Patients In-the-Moment Support

Long-awaited vaccine distribution may be giving Americans a reprieve from some of the stress and anxiety COVID-19 has wrought, yet risk of drug and alcohol addiction remains ...
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A Fresh Start: 2021 Begins with Some Mental Relief

The beginning of a new year typically symbolizes a fresh start and brings a renewed sense of optimism, something we all need after an unprecedented and mentally taxing 2020. ...
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Take Your First Step to Achieve Your Ultimate Goal

At some point in our lives, we’ve all set out on a path to reach a goal. Whether it’s to lose weight, complete a project, or simply spend more time with family and friends, ...
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A Difficult December: Increased Depression and Negativity + Drop in Focus

After the hardships and mental toll of this past year, it was a relief to finally move on to a new year and (hopefully) better 2021. But a look back at December reveals that as ...
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Don't Fall for These Six Myths of Success

In the last year, have you felt stressed, burnt out, or exhausted? You’re not alone. Burnout levels are on the increase across professions, and a Gallup poll shows that more ...
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