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Depression Is Not a Part of the Aging Process

Mark Twain once said "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, then it doesn't matter." Unfortunately, no matter how old we are, it's not always easy to address our ...
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Delta’s Damage: Double-Digit Jumps in PTSD, Anxiety, Stress Plague Workers

Peak summer time yielded peak risk rates for several conditions affecting employee wellbeing, increasing the urgency with which employers must prioritize mental health resources ...
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15 Fascinating Facts About the Brain You Didn't Know

We love the whole brain enough to name our company after it. Everything about our brain training app is firmly rooted in neuroscience, a field populated with recent discoveries ...
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Reprogram Negative Thinking with Positive Affirmations

Tuning into positive feelings is a science-supported way to improve your outlook and your actions. Unfortunately, studies show that our default thinking mode is not set on ...
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How to Get Energized Using Your Four Sources of Energy

About 30% of doctor’s visits involve the complaint of “being tired all the time,” so if you’ve been asking yourself “How can I have more energy?” you’re certainly not alone. 
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The Great Divide: Workers With Known Risk of PTSD Fare Worse than Those Not at Risk

At the start of June, the U.S. saw the lowest number of new COVID cases since the start of the pandemic; businesses continued to re-open and wedding photos hit our social media ...
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How Can I Focus Better? Everything You Need to Know About Target Thinking

We're having troubling focusing. According to our most recent Mental Health Index report, sustained attention is down by 167% from where it was pre-pandemic. The elongated sense ...
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HR Analyst Hot Take: Tips to Improve Employee Engagement in Managing Mental Health

It’s no secret that mental health issues and substance abuse cost U.S. employers $225.8 billion per year. At Total Brain, we recognize that the best benefit programs in the world ...
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