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Measuring HRV: Getting to the Heart of Your Stress

The autonomic nervous system controls essential, primal functions--our heartbeat, our breathing, and our digestion. It is made up of two parts: the sympathetic nervous system, ...
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Tuning in to Your Total Brain with Our Assessment Tool

Our brains have four core functions — emotion, feeling, cognition and self-control — powered by twelve interdependent brain capacities. These capacities determine our responses to ...
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Resonant Breathing: A Science-Based Tool to Lower Stress Levels in Minutes

Take a deep breath. Do you feel better? It’s one of the first things we’re told to do when facing nearly any charged situation.
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Registration Process Designed to Make New Users Feel Welcome, Demonstrate App’s Value

Do you have a lot on your plate this year? What about on your mind? With concern over our physical health taking the spotlight, it may be easy to forget about what’s happening ...
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Thought Tamer: A Tool for Reframing Negative Thoughts Using CBT Techniques

Do you notice when you are falling into negative thought patterns? For most of us, it is difficult to spot cognitive distortions that drive negative thinking.
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Change Your Mindset With Music

What type of music do you enjoy listening to when you are happy? Is there a go-to song that you listen to when you’re sad? We often gravitate toward certain types of music based ...
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Introducing the Next Generation of Total Brain’s Self-Monitoring and Self-Care Platform

Total Brain first launched in 2000, driven to improve mental health and fitness through brain-based self-awareness and training. Today, we’re excited to begin the next chapter in ...
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