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Reclaiming the Driver’s Seat: How to Keep Your Emotions from Hijacking You

Every day, tens of thousands of thoughts run through our brains, and most of them go unchecked – especially the emotional ones. Something happens, our emotions overcome us, and ...
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Delta’s Damage: Double-Digit Jumps in PTSD, Anxiety, Stress Plague Workers

Peak summer time yielded peak risk rates for several conditions affecting employee wellbeing, increasing the urgency with which employers must prioritize mental health resources ...
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The Great Divide: Workers With Known Risk of PTSD Fare Worse than Those Not at Risk

At the start of June, the U.S. saw the lowest number of new COVID cases since the start of the pandemic; businesses continued to re-open and wedding photos hit our social media ...
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HR Analyst Hot Take: Tips to Improve Employee Engagement in Managing Mental Health

It’s no secret that mental health issues and substance abuse cost U.S. employers $225.8 billion per year. At Total Brain, we recognize that the best benefit programs in the world ...
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As Vaccination Rates Rise and Cases Drop, COVID Casts a Long Shadow

While the nation continues to turn the corner on COVID-19, more Americans are experiencing the pandemic's impact on mental health. For the third month in a row, PTSD risk rates ...
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HR Analyst Hot Take: Top Three Ways Total Brain Benefits Employers

Companies today face a hidden mental health crisis. In the U.S., 70% of employees are either at risk of or have a mental condition, but 50% of illnesses remain untreated. COVID-19 ...
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Following Early 2021 Mental Health Improvements Women Face Increased Challenges

During the first few months of 2021, Americans’ mental health rebounded somewhat from the extreme hit it took in 2020. But data captured recently by the Mental Health Index ...
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How HR Can Reduce Employee Anxiety About Going Back to Work

"Re-entry anxiety" sounds like it's reserved for a NASA mission, but it isn't.
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