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How HR Can Reduce Employee Anxiety About Going Back to Work

"Re-entry anxiety" sounds like it's reserved for a NASA mission, but it isn't.
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This is the face of anxiety.

I was born into a close-knit Italian American family. I grew up in a household with two loving parents, a younger brother and my maternal grandmother. At a very young age, I ...
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Watching Mental Health in Transition

After a tumultuous 2020, the beginning of 2021 brought a small sense of relief, and several mental health capacities returned to pre-pandemic levels as a result. However, we ...
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Mental Health Impact: 1 Year Into Pandemic

The fresh start of the new year brought promising overall improvement in several mental health capacities. However, as February’s Mental Health Index reveals, it would be a ...
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A Fresh Start: 2021 Begins with Some Mental Relief

The beginning of a new year typically symbolizes a fresh start and brings a renewed sense of optimism, something we all need after an unprecedented and mentally taxing 2020. ...
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A Difficult December: Increased Depression and Negativity + Drop in Focus

After the hardships and mental toll of this past year, it was a relief to finally move on to a new year and (hopefully) better 2021. But a look back at December reveals that as ...
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Risk of Addiction Rises in Women, Men See Post-Election Relief

November marks another month of elevated stress, anxiety, depressed mood, and negativity among American workers. Total Brain’s Mental Health Index for the month shows women, in ...
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Total Brain Gives Clinics Tools for Measurement-Based Mental Healthcare

Mental and behavioral health clinic administrators often feel pulled in multiple directions at once. Not only are they focused on ensuring patients receive exceptional care, ...
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