Successfully Achieve Your Goals With an Accountability Partner

It’s a commonly known fact that those who set out to achieve a goal with the support of others stick to their plans more often than those who take on challenges alone. This person, known as an accountability partner, could be your spouse, close friend, or even a support group. Milestones are absolutely necessary in accomplishing your goals, and your accountability partner is the person you never want to let down. They are there to nudge you to stick to your plan and when things get tough. They encourage and support you to push through tough times and never give up. No matter what your goals are, picking your accountability partner shouldn’t be taken lightly if you want to succeed. Here’s a list of qualities to seek out when selecting this special person to accompany you along your goal journey.

  1. Ideally, your accountability partner should share similar interests as you and your goal. If you’re trying to eat healthier and drop weight, select someone who understands healthy eating habits and is active with their exercise routines regularly. If they’re excited about it, you will be as well.
  2. Look for someone who’s a go-getter and regularly challenges themselves to be better. This attribute will be passed down to you as you train to achieve your goal. Someone who cares about their own personal success will also care about your success.
  3. Your accountability partner should be available to support you, both physically and emotionally. If your best friend lives across the country, has a full time job with two small children, and has no time to answer the phone, then this person may not be the best fit for you as an accountability partner. Ideally, select someone who you can speak with a few times a week, either in person or on the phone.
  4. You are accountable for your own actions, and your accountability partner will remind you of that. If you experience a moment of failure, this person shouldn’t just shrug it off but encourage you to learn from your actions and push forward.
  5. Select someone who is selfless. If they don’t care whether you succeed, then you probably won’t either.
  6. Find someone you actually get along with. Otherwise, you’ll eventually get frustrated with your accountability partner and will be more likely to lose sight of your goals.

If you don’t have someone in mind, find a social group online or in your community related to your goals. These people already share similar interests and are often eager to help out others in a time of need. Since they have chosen to participate in the group, you know they are committed to their own success and will support yours as well.

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