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New 988 Crisis Line Improves Access to Mental Health Support

Last month, it became a lot easier for people in distress to get help. After two years of planning, the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline (formerly, the National Suicide Prevention ...
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The primary care system is the default mental health system: Now what?

In the U.S., primary care has been the de facto mental health system for years. It's the first, and usually only, place many patients turn for behavioral health issues. Primary ...
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What are we so stressed about and how does it impact your mental health?

Stress doesn't discriminate against age, sex, ethnicity or religion. While everyone has a different definition of stress and ways to cope with it, no one is completely immune to ...
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The Science of Stress and How to Manage It

Stress. We all know it happens. Maybe an important project is due at work, the car broke down, or an unexpected medical expense caused financial concern. Whatever the reason, ...
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Why are Bad Habits So Difficult to Change?

Why do we struggle to lose weight? Quit smoking? Or simply get into a habit of better organizing around the house? We are used to doing things one way, but we're telling ourselves ...
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Transforming Healthcare Delivery Through Collaborative Care

The link between mind and body is complex, yet undeniable. Mental health concerns can negatively impact physical health or be the root cause of serious physical conditions such as ...
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A Clinician's Perspective: Cornerstone of Recovery and Total Brain

Objective, standardized screening, assessment and measurement tools are essential for careful diagnosis, personalized measurement-based care, and successful treatment of ...
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Measuring HRV to Manage Stress on the Job

Stress has always been a factor in the workplace, and some measure of that can be good. When we're under stress, our sympathetic nervous system kicks into gear, providing a boost ...
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