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How to Get Energized Using Your Four Sources of Energy

About 30% of doctor’s visits involve the complaint of “being tired all the time,” so if you’ve been asking yourself “How can I have more energy?” you’re certainly not alone. 
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The Great Divide: Workers With Known Risk of PTSD Fare Worse than Those Not at Risk

At the start of June, the U.S. saw the lowest number of new COVID cases since the start of the pandemic; businesses continued to re-open and wedding photos hit our social media ...
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How Can I Focus Better? Everything You Need to Know About Target Thinking

We're having troubling focusing. According to our most recent Mental Health Index report, sustained attention is down by 167% from where it was pre-pandemic. The elongated ...
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HR Analyst Hot Take: Tips to Improve Employee Engagement in Managing Mental Health

It’s no secret that mental health issues and substance abuse cost U.S. employers $225.8 billion per year. At Total Brain, we recognize that the best benefit programs in the ...
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Flagging For Self-Harm: Improving Care Through Transparency

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on mental health for everyone, and risk for self-harm has increased. According to data from Mental Health America, nearly 37% of people ...
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New Total Brain Report Helps Clinicians Better Understand Patients' Brains

At Total Brain, we recognize that clinicians need to have the best possible understanding of what is happening in each patient's brain in order to develop effective and ...
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As Vaccination Rates Rise and Cases Drop, COVID Casts a Long Shadow

While the nation continues to turn the corner on COVID-19, more Americans are experiencing the pandemic's impact on mental health. For the third month in a row, PTSD risk rates ...
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Tuning in to Your Total Brain with Our Assessment Tool

Our brains have four core functions — emotion, feeling, cognition and self-control — powered by twelve interdependent brain capacities. These capacities determine our responses ...
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