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Resonant Breathing: A Science-Based Tool to Lower Stress Levels in Minutes

Take a deep breath. Do you feel better? It’s one of the first things we’re told to do when facing nearly any charged situation.
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Risk of Addiction Rises in Women, Men See Post-Election Relief

November marks another month of elevated stress, anxiety, depressed mood, and negativity among American workers. Total Brain’s Mental Health Index for the month shows women, in ...
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Registration Process Designed to Make New Users Feel Welcome, Demonstrate App’s Value

Do you have a lot on your plate this year? What about on your mind? With concern over our physical health taking the spotlight, it may be easy to forget about what’s happening ...
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Why Nice Guys Really Do Finish First

To many people, the idea of compassionate leadership is touchy-feely at best and bad management at worst. But new research suggests that rather than making them look soft, acts ...
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The Best Kept Secret to Happiness

Marketing executives want us to believe that happiness lies in a product that will taste delicious, magically fill our bank accounts, or transform us into a supermodel that ...
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7 Powerful Ways to Uplift a Friend in Need (And Yourself)

When Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In, lost her husband – she said no one knew how to talk to her. People felt awkward around her and didn’t know what to say. One of the ...
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The Definitive Case for Being a Kind Boss

In the spirit of holiday cheer, here’s some good news: the hard data on being a nice boss. It literally pays to be kind!
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Total Brain Gives Clinics Tools for Measurement-Based Mental Healthcare

Mental and behavioral health clinic administrators often feel pulled in multiple directions at once. Not only are they focused on ensuring patients receive exceptional care, ...
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