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Don't Fall for These Six Myths of Success

In the last year, have you felt stressed, burnt out, or exhausted? You’re not alone. Burnout levels are on the increase across professions, and a Gallup poll shows that more ...
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Why Nice Guys Really Do Finish First

To many people, the idea of compassionate leadership is touchy-feely at best and bad management at worst. But new research suggests that rather than making them look soft, acts ...
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The Best Kept Secret to Happiness

Marketing executives want us to believe that happiness lies in a product that will taste delicious, magically fill our bank accounts, or transform us into a supermodel that ...
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7 Powerful Ways to Uplift a Friend in Need (And Yourself)

When Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In, lost her husband – she said no one knew how to talk to her. People felt awkward around her and didn’t know what to say. One of the ...
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The Definitive Case for Being a Kind Boss

In the spirit of holiday cheer, here’s some good news: the hard data on being a nice boss. It literally pays to be kind!
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The Hard Data on Self-Love and Why It Leads to Success

Whether we’re high power execs or stay-at-home moms, self-criticism is a tendency that many people have. In fact we often think of self-criticism as key to self-improvement. We ...
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An Alternate Way for Veterans to Overcome Trauma

“I am not a victim” said a young Marine in our study. Recently returned from Afghanistan, he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. A man or woman with the courage to go ...
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The Science of Compassion

Decades of clinical research has focused and shed light on the psychology of human suffering. That suffering, as unpleasant as it is, often also has a bright side to which ...
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