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Your Questions Answered: 5 Brain Based Ways to Improve Employee Focus

How does nutrition and sleep play into focus? Both nutrition and sleep require a personalized strategic daily energy management.
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Improve Focus With a Focus Pathway

Focus is the conscious thinking capacity you need to complete a selective task while you ignore distractions around you. Yet for many of us, our brain’s brain’s ability to ...
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Understanding the 4 Core Brain Systems

The brain is considered one of our most precious assets, yet it’s often the most neglected. Everything we do, from waking up in the morning to complex problem solving at work, ...
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Safety as the Brain's #1 Priority

Wellbeing depends on the ability to maintain a safe environment for the body and mind. Safety is the brain’s core organizing principles. Most other functions are subservient to ...
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Understanding the Hidden Power of your Brain

Did you know that your brain contains a built-in system intended to make your life easier?
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Beating Brain Cravings

More than 20 million Americans are addicted. In 2016, nearly 1.5 percent of fatalities occurred as a result of opioid overdoses. Addiction is not a moral failing but a brain ...
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Three Tips to Becoming More Productive

You may wonder why you can tear through tasks like a bullet train on some days, while progress at a snail’s pace on other days.
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How to Tackle Your Anxiety Disorder

Chronic anxiety can make people feel like they are riding a non-stop roller coaster, with continual stomach-churning drops and spins. Contrary to popular assumptions, anxiety ...
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