Registration Process Designed to Make New Users Feel Welcome, Demonstrate App’s Value

Do you have a lot on your plate this year? What about on your mind? With concern over our physical health taking the spotlight, it may be easy to forget about what’s happening inside our heads.

 Research has shown COVID-19 has affected emotional and cognitive health across the nation. With that in mind, the recently redesigned Total Brain is here to help measure, strengthen, and support your mental health.

Today, we’re proud to introduce a new user experience for the registration process, designed to make new users feel welcome while demonstrating the value and substance of our app. When prospective users visit our new registration page, they can now explore the app before registering.

TotalBrain - Registration UX - Blogpost

The new Total Brain registration process appeals to two different personas:

  1. Samuel, who is interested in measuring and tracking his mental health, and
  2. Marissa, who is focused on managing her stress and anxiety in the moment.

If users identify more with Samuel, they may choose to explore how they can measure and track their mental health over time, where they will be presented with a video from our CEO discussing how they can use the app to self-monitor their mental health.


If users identify more with Marissa, they may choose to explore how the app will help them better manage stress and anxiety in the moment. In this case, they will be presented with a simple breathing exercise that gives them an opportunity to experience our content prior to signing up.


Measuring and Tracking your Mental health If you identify with Samuel, you can use Total Brain to improve your mental health over time. Our self-monitoring and self-care app empowers you to:

  1. Monitor and care for your 12 brain capacities that power who you are on a daily basis
  2. Detect potential risks for mental conditions
  3. Discover your strongest and weakest brain capacities
  4. Complete a series of game-like tasks that are designed to target your strongest and weakest capacities
  5. Receive personalized self-care recommendations daily to help you rewire your brain for a healthier, more capable version of yourself

When you have knowledge about WHY you feel a certain way, you can stop blaming yourself in difficult situations and begin to focus on improving over time. For example, you may have seen your resilience drop over the last several months (see sample chart below from a real user).


When this aspect of your mental health is visualized, you can begin to understand why you’re on edge and begin working to improve your reliance with Total Brain self-care exercises – such as Happy Seeker and Self Regulate – that train your brain to look for the positives in difficult situations.

You can also learn to recognize and reframe negative thought patterns with our Thought Tamer self-care exercise.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

If you identify with Marissa, you can use Total Brain to manage stress and anxiety in the moment. The Total Brain app provides relief from stress on an as needed basis, often in minutes, by inducing calm and cognitive flexibility with breathing exercises like Full Yogic Breath, meditations like Short Meditation, and calming music from our NeuroTunes library such as Carefree and On Cloud 9. You can also use Thought Tamer to reframe your stress and anxiety.

Incentive Programs

Many of our enterprise customers run incentive programs to encourage their employees to focus on their mental health, where they earn brain points by completing self-care exercises and self-monitoring mental health assessments.

To ensure our enterprise customers can make it easy for their employees to access information about their incentive programs and progress, we’ve brought the incentive program to the daily feed for each user. We’ve designed a prominent button highlighting the incentive program at the top of the feed to ensure employees know where and how to access their incentive programs and corresponding mental health challenges.

Incentive program notification

When they click the button, our enterprise customers’ employees will see custom information and tasks that guide them through completing their customized incentive programs.

Incentive program

How can Total Brain help you? That’s the question the new Total Brain registration page asks the moment you arrive to explore our app. Are you looking to measure and track your mental health, or simply manage stress and anxiety in the moment?

Whether you are working on making a more mentally mindful version of yourself, or you want to learn new ways to manage stress and anxiety, Total Brain can help.

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