The Importance of Increasing Investment In Mental Health

World Mental Health Day this year comes at a time when our mental health is being challenged due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These past several months have brought on new obstacles to overcome, such as adapting to new work environments, concern for friends and loved ones contracting the virus, and limiting contact and social connectivity. In fact, data from our Mental Health Index has shown that depression in U.S. workers is 30% higher than February, and anxiety levels have increased by 23%.

The economic impact has been felt on many organizations, having to let employees go and cutting back on expenses in other areas. However, investing in the mental health of employees should not be something that’s ignored. Employees are an organization’s greatest asset, and as they struggle to adapt to a new everyday normal, it’s important to have the tools and resources needed to effectively manage mental health.

Everyone responds to stress differently. Here are some ways Total Brain has helped employees master stress and anxiety during this time of uncertainty, and ways you, your co-workers, and loved ones can learn to manage them as well.

The Power of Music

Music has a profound effect on our minds, and can change our moods in an instant. If you or others are experiencing feelings of depression or anxiety, listening to soothing and relaxing music can actually improve your mood. Our collection of scientifically validated music compositions and soundscapes, called NeuroTunes, is designed to reduce anxiety in the moment and instill calmness in listeners. Search for something that works for you, and listen to a few sample tracks of NeuroTunes below.

Breathing and Meditation

Many experts rave about the effects breathing and meditation exercises have on mental health, and there’s a reason they do. Meditation has a number of benefits aside from reducing stress, including building resilience, enhancing creativity, and boosting emotional intelligence. Try a meditation found in the Total Brain app below, called “Body, Breath, Thoughts,” to bring awareness back to yourself and clear your mind.

Taming Thoughts

Our brains tend to focus on the negative, making it difficult to push unwelcome thoughts out of our heads. When left unattended, these thoughts can run wild and lead to over exaggeration, increasing levels of stress and anxiety. Thought Tamer uses principles of cognitive behavior therapy to help you recognize and reframe these negative thinking patterns. Test it out here:

The goal of this year’s World Mental Health Day campaign is increased investment in mental health. So, whether you are an individual choosing to focus on your own personal mental health, or an organization looking to improve the mental health of employees, take the time to find something that works for you. You can sign up for a Total Brain account for personal use, or learn more about how Total Brain can be deployed throughout your organization or clinic.

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Online Mental Health Assessments

Total Brain offers scientifically calibrated mental health tests to help assess how you are feeling about life, determine your strengths and weaknesses, and narrow down the areas you need to focus on and make the most of your time and effort.

Try our Mental Health Assessments today!

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Mental Health Tests

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