Five Ways to Promote a Wellness Program at Work

An employee’s poor mental health can destroy productivity and happiness. In fact, mental health costs are rising twice as fast as all other medical expenses.1 Employees with mental health conditions make six times as many emergency room visits, submit two to four times as many medical health claims, and submit an average of $14,967 per year in healthcare claims, compared to $5,929 for the total population.1 Thankfully, many organizations are now starting to recognize the importance of mental health and incorporate wellbeing programs within their organizations to help reduce the impact of mental health conditions their employees face.

Here are 5 ways you can promote a wellbeing program within your organization.

  1. Create Awareness - When first launching a program, it’s important to create awareness by sharing information with employees through emails and company meetings on how the program works and how participating can improve their wellbeing.
  2. Stick to a Plan - To ensure employees stick to the program, create a consistent stream of communication with them. Share videos, articles, and tips for improving their overall mental health.
  3. Get Employees Involved - Take awareness a step further by offering company-led mindfulness training such as breathing and meditation exercises or a group walk around the parking lot during lunch. You can also bring in professional speakers to educate employees about the importance of their mental health and wellbeing.
  4. Lead by Example - Show employees how dedicated your organization is to the cause by ensuring managers and other high level executives participate in the program. When these individuals participate, others are more likely to follow. Incentivise
  5. Reward employees who participate in the program - This can be something as simple as recognizing their efforts, highlighting a success story, or offering gift cards and prizes for those who take their participation to the next level.

Successfully rolling out a wellbeing program in the workplace can have a positive overall impact on the organization. By focusing on employee mental health, employees are less likely to experience symptoms of stress and anxiety. In turn, when employees improve their wellbeing, organizations can decrease their overall healthcare costs and increase overall productivity of their workforce.



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