Six Ways Highly Emotional Intelligent People Deal With Anger

Most of us don’t like confrontation — but it’s a fact of life we can’t run from forever. We have to assert ourselves, our boundaries and our needs — and others have to do the ...
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Three Ways Social Media Ruins Everything

Social media has completely transformed a range of our life experiences. Consider travel: It’s not just that dodging selfie sticks makes navigating attractions harder, but ...
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3 Science-Backed Ways to Relieve Pain and Stress for Good

Stress has a rotten reputation—but not all of it is bad. The “good” kind gets you across the street quickly when you see an oncoming vehicle, or it motivates you to work ...
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How Desire Fools Us: The Pleasures and Dangers of the Chase

Why do we love to chase? What is so intriguingly attractive about hard-to-get partners, Black Friday sales, and the very latest iPhone? Whether it’s for a trophy, a promotion, ...
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3 Foolproof Ways to Prevent Work Burnout

Our culture is obsessed with productivity. But research shows that stressing ourselves out over an ever-expanding to-do list actually works against us—no matter how ...
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Get More Done With This One Surprising Trick

Our culture has become one of compulsive overworking. Many of us are tired of rushing through our days only to come home at night, exhausted and burned out. 
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Four Science Backed Ways to Achieve Your Dreams

Whether it’s New Year’s resolutions or any other milestone we want to achieve, most of us give up on that career goal, diet, mindfulness practice, or exercise regimen we ...
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Can't Vacation? Here's the Science of How to Recharge Fast.

Summer often makes us nostalgic for our childhood vacations: long, carefree days spent by the beach, in the woods, or with friends and family.
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